Community Of Charity

Independent Old Catholic Church

392 Rhoads Avenue

Columbus, Ohio 43205

Tel: 614.253.8980

Father Anthony Capretta, OFM, Rector

Holy Redeemer

Independent Old Catholic Church

307 North Thoman Street

Crestline, Ohio 44827

Tel: 419.683.0606

Father Anthony Capretta, OFM, Rector

Our Lady Of Peace

Orthodox Catholic Church

119 Wocher Avenue

Cincinnati, Ohio 45233

Tel: 513.451.7952

Bishop Charles E. Smith, OSF, Pastor

Saint Mary's

Polish National Catholic Church

5375 Broadview Road

Parma, Ohio 44134

Tel: 216.741.8154

Father Jason Soltysiak, Pastor

Parishes listed are the only recognized independent Catholic churches in Ohio possessing verifiable Old Catholic lines of apostolic succession; own church property; and maintain visible, active, stable, accountable, and legitimate ministries. Parishes are not affiliated in any manner with the Roman Catholic Church.

Union of Utrecht of the Old Catholic Churches News

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